Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is great if you start to get sore eyes or headaches towards the end of the day.

The training is over 6 weeks and aims helps your eyes improve near focus for sustained periods of time.

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  • 1. Measure

    We start by measuring your level of focus with special equipment. This is then used throughout your training to measure progress.

  • 2. In-Office Therapy

    Once a week for 6 week you spend an hour in clinic doing various vision excercises. Before each session we measure your focusing ability to compare to teh previous week.

  • 3. Home Therapy

    Consistency is the key to resolve focusing issues. We give you excercises to do at home based on your focusing abilities. The excercises gets harder as you progress.

  • Vision therapy is commonly used for conditions where the eyes struggle to focus and can occasionally turn outwards. This is called intermittent exotropia and convergence insufficiency. It occurs in both children and adults. Symptoms includes sore eyes, frontal headaches and gets worse when you try to read for longer periods of time.

  • Vision Therapy Fees

    Full Fee: $1500

    Medicare Rebate: $210
    Out of Pocket: $1290
    Health Fund Rebates available and will depend on your level of cover.

    6x 1 hours Vision Therapy Sessions
    6x Take Home Training Kits