Amblyopia Reversal

Amblyopia occurs when one eye is seeing clearer than the other. This causes the visual cortex in the brain to favour the good eye and switch off the weaker eye making it "lazy". Kids will have up to the age of 9 to strengthen their weak eye.

This clinic aims to identify the cause and intervene early, increasing your child's chances of making both eyes as clear as each other.

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  • 1. Clear Vision

    The starting point of reversing amblyopia is to give the eyes the best chance of having clear vision. This involves glasses that helps the eye focus light clearly on the retina to stimulate it.

  • 2. Make it work

    We make the weaker eye work. To do this, we start you on a patching program where you patch the good eye. This give the visual cortex no choice but to use the weaker eye, strengthening it over time.

  • 3. Vision Therapy

    Remember it's not the patching the reverses amblyopia, it's what you do while patching. We have games and activities to help the eyes improve focus. Occasionally amblyopia is caused from eyes turning in our out. Some eye turns can be corrected with eye excercises.

  • 4. Medicate it

    If your kids struggle to keep the patch on, we have medication that can replace it. All you need to do is put in one drop a week. When using this method it is important that we review the kids every few weeks based on their age.