Glaucoma Clinic

Glaucoma also known as the silent thief of sight can affect your peripheral vision leading to tunnel vision. At Optiplex we can help you diagnose and manage your glaucoma.

After each consultation you will be provided a report where you can share with your GP or Ophthalmologist.

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  • Glaucoma comes in many types. The most common types are Open Angle Glaucoma, Closed Angle Glaucoma and Normal Tension Glaucoma. All types of glaucoma are caused from eye pressure damaging the optic nerve causing a slow loss of peripehral vision.

    Initial management of glaucoma involves medicated eye drops or laser treatment to lower the intra ocular pressure. Severe glaucoma that does not respond to initial therapy will require surgical intervention.

    Once a target pressure has been decided, we will monitor you every 6 months to make sure there is no progression in your glaucoma.

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  • General Fees

    Glaucoma Consult (1hr)
    Full Fee: $110
    Medicare Rebate: up to $65*
    Out of Pocket: $45

    3-6 Month Review
    Full Fee: $65
    Medicare Rebate: up to $31.30
    Out of Pocket: $33.70

  • Additional Tests

    Visual Field Tests
    Fee: $87
    Medicare Rebate: $59.30
    Out of Pocket: $27.7

    OCT Scan + Retinal Photo
    Fee: $87
    Medicare Rebate: N/A
    Heath Claims Available