Myopia Control

Our mission is to prevent myopia in kids. In cases where myopia has already begun, we aim to prevent it from getting worse with the different treatments we have available.

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  • MiyoSmart Lenses

    Designed by Hoya Japan, these lenses have been provine to slow down the rate of myopia by 60% in children.

  • Ortho-K Lenses

    Custom made lenses that you wear to sleep. You take the out when you wake up and it allows you to have clear vision for the rest of the day. It has been provine to slow myopia down by 80%

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  • MiSight Soft Lenses

    These lenses are designed for children to wear during the day and take them off at night. They are available in spherical power and has shown to slow myopia down by 50%.

  • Atropine

    Atropine is primary used as an addition to glasses or contact lenses in myopia control. On it's own, 0.05% Atropine has been shown to slow myopia down by 50%.

Estimate your child's Myopia progression

We can use previous evidence to predict the rate of progression in your child. By studying monitoring children of different ethinicity over the course of 10 years we can estimate a child's myopia with and without intervention to help you make the best treatment options for your child.