Emergency Clinic

Don't wait 8hrs+ in the hospital.

Our emergency services are available until midnight daily & on public holidays.

Give us a call on (03) 9404 5279 for triage before your appointment. 

Pre-Pay for Appointment
  • Fees

    Medical consults
    Full Fee $65
    Medicare Rebate $31.30
    Out of Pocket $33.70

    Corneal Foreign Body Removal & Management

    Full Fee: $420
    Medicare Rebate: up to $265*
    Out of Pocket: $155

    After hours Appointments

    Full Fee: $600 (Pre Paid before Apppointment)
    Medicare Rebates: $31.30 to $265*
    Out of Pocket: $335 if full rebate

    *Medicare rebates will depend on your condition & medical history.

    Pre Payment for After hours consult 
  • Alternatives

    Public Hospitals

    Many public hospitals do not have eye doctors ready. We recommend going to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital if you have any significant loss of vision, retinal detachments or globe rupture.

    For other injuries that are not life or sight threatening, wait times can be up to 8 hours.

    Emergency Department (Open 24-7)
    32 Gisborne Street
    East Melbourne
    Victoria 3002 Australia

    Phone: (03) 9929 8666

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