5 Tips To Treat Itchy Eyes!

5 Tips To Treat Itchy Eyes!

What causes eye allergies?
Pollen and animal dander are the two most common allergens.

When allergen enters the body, it signals the mast cells to travel to your eyes. It then releases the chemical 'histamine' (causes symptoms such as itchiness) and the process 'vasodilation' occurs (blood vessels dilates and expand, causing appearance of red and swollen eyes).

Here are 5 tips to treat red and itchy eyes:
1. Avoid allergen
It is important to figure out what causes the reaction, and avoid the allergens if possible.
If pollen causes the allergic reaction, try and stay indoors during spring time. When spending time outdoors, glasses can be worn to prevent wind from blowing pollen into your eyes.
2. Use preservative free eyedrops
Using artificial tear can assist in flushing out allergens. Preservative free eyedrops are recommended as preservatives may further irritate your eyes.
3. Cleaning eyelids regularly
It is best to remove eye makeup before bed, helps to avoid allergens being trapped under the eyes. As it may cause symptoms of redness and itchiness to worsen.
Methods to clean eyelids:
  • Wash eyes with warm water
  • Clean with soap or wipes made for eyelid cleaning (e.g Eyelid Cleansers)
4. Use cold compress
Placing a cold towel or eye mask on your eyes causes the response 'vasoconstriction'. This can help reduce swelling around the eyes and shrinking of the blood vessels.
5. Use over the counter antihistamine
Try to avoid antihistamine that only targets ridding eye redness. As the reaction may become more severe once the eye drop stops working.
Dr. Steve recommends:
  • Zyrtec eye drops: contains pure antihistamine
  • Zaditen eye drops: contains combination of antihistamine and a mast cell stabiliser. For this product, it is important to continue the eye drop for two weeks in order for the mast cell stabiliser to be effective


If eye redness and soreness continues, please visit us in store for an eye examination.
Regular checkups are important to keep your eyes happy and healthy!
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