What is blue light?

What is blue light?

What is Blue Light?

The way we see colour is based on how the receptors in our eye senses the electromagnetic radiation (wavelength) emitted from the object. Visible light is made up of the seven colours of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet)  each sitting at a wavelength between 400-780 nanometers (nm)

Out of all the visible light, Blue light (400-500 nm) sits the closest to UV light (100-400nm) and carries that highest amount of energy.  

How Blue Light affects us?

There is some evidence that suggest blue light from the sun affects our biological clock affecting sleep and has the potential to induce photochemical damages to the retina.

As blue light is also emitted from our computer screens, phones and TVs, having a blue light filter to block the light is thought to help improve sleep quality, reduces eye strain and headaches caused from bright lights.



How does it work?

Our blue light protect+ contains our UV and Blue light blocker up to 450nm. This means that it’s a clear pair of glasses that can block out UV light when you’re outside and the blue light when you’re indoors.

It is then combined with our Crystalux multicoat which will make the lenses scratch resistant, anti-reflective to block out bright headlights and hydrophobic which makes the lenses easier to clean.




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