Biofinity Multifocal

Biofinity Multifocal

Biofinity multifocal is everything you'd expect in a contact lens. CooperVision's Balanced Progressive Technology delivers exceptional vision at all distances. The optical design of Biofinity multifocal enables your eye to instinctively find the zone that provides optimal focus. The gradual transition zones let you see everything clearly and effortlessly at any distance.


NOTE: If you have a (+) sphere prescription, ensure you select 'N/A' in Sphere(-) dropdown menu.
If you have a (-) sphere prescription, ensure you select 'N/A' in Sphere(+) dropdown menu.

  • Specs

    Lens Material: Comfilcon A

    Base Curve: 8.6mm

    Diameter: 14.0mm

    Replacement Schedule: 3 month replacement

    Pack sizes: 6 Lenses