Macular degeneration 


Macular degeneration is a condition that causes reduced central vision due to the break down of receptors in your eye. There are various forms of Macular Degeneration.

Wet AMD: Caused from bleeding under the macular due to leaky blood vessels. Signs of Wet AMD include sudden central vision loss. Wet AMD can be managed with ocular injections to stop and prevent further bleeding. Prognosis of Wet AMD is usually good as many patients regain their vision. 

Dry AMD: is caused from degeneration of the receptors in the back of your eye due to wear and tear. Signs of dry AMD is a gradual central vision loss, usually over the course of years. Once vision is loss from dry AMD, there is no recovery. 

Management of Dry AMD involves slowing the progress through Macutec tablets and 2RT Laser therapy.


Book in with us to check for Macular Degeneration, if you notice gradual changes to your central vision.