How often should I have my eyes tested?

We usually suggest having your eyes tested every 12 to 18 months, but with other health conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetes and Macular degeneration that require management we suggest everything 6 - 12 months. 

Do you take private health insurance?

Yes, we accept all health funds in store.

We do on the spot quoting and claiming for a quick and easy transaction. 

How long does the eye test take?

A general eye test will take up to 20 minutes. For patients with health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol can take up to 40 minutes.

Do you manage eye injuries?

Yes we remove things like foreign bodies, flushing of eye if you had chemicals, concrete or sand, and acute sharps injuries.

Do you do VicRoads eye testing and what does in entail?

Yes we do, with our VicRoads eye testing our optometrist will fill in the forms you need, test your vision and do a visual field test where we'll check your peripheral vision.