Types of Contact Lenses

With Contact Lenses you are given great flexibility in the choices you have. There are various brands, styles, prescriptions and wearing periods to suit your needs. Our Optometrists can advise you on the best types of contact lens for your needs.

Soft Lenses

Soft Lenses are comfortable and easy to adjust to with less of an adjustment period than hard contact lenses. They may be a cheaper option for first time contact lens wearers.

Hard Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses, also known as 'hard' lenses that allow clear vision. They take longer to adapt to than conventional soft lenses and can be more expensive.


Great for occasional wear, events & sports! Dailies are healthier, convenient and hygenic.


Fortnightlies are a great option, giving you more wears like a monthly but with similar comfort to a Daily lens. 


Monthlies are a great option if you want to wear contact lenses nearly everyday. They do need to be cleaned after each use. 


Cosmetic contact lenses are great for completing your costume or enhancing your eye colour.